Learn from the Past.

Focus on the Future.

Appreciate the Present.



Why Am I Doing This?

I believe that "fitness saves lives." It saved mine so it can save yours too. Literally, it creates the chemical balance in our bodies to help us deal with daily stresses and those recurring thoughts that may haunt you from a past experience. As a U.S. Army Veteran, I can attest to working and dealing with PTSD in all forms and fashions. After my deployment in Afghanistan, I didn't note any change in my behavior. Yet other soldiers and family members noticed me acting "out of character." That mixed with the stresses of life, you can imagine how difficult it can be to cope. Through all the numbness and reliving experiences related and not related to the military, I began to realize that PTSD is very real. It was through fitness that I was able to find purpose and meaning. To be the role model that my son and everyone else deserved. Which is why I run, to bring awareness to the fact that anything is achievable. Though things may seem impossible at times and you may not want to continue, you are your greatest hero. And as you strive to better yourself, you can inspire and help others along the way. Together we can pull ourselves from the fire and live the amazing lives we have always deserved to live. We are not our past. We choose to be who we want to be.

Learn from the Past, Focus on the Future, and Appreciate the Present


Valiant Soldier is dedicated to promoting mental and physical awareness within our society, with a grander effort to create deeper relationships, fruitful interactions and lessen anxiety. 

 We are no strangers to the ongoing battle of depression.  We see it not only in soldiers but in civilians, officers, parents, friends and practically anywhere you turn your head.  Depression manifests itself in many forms.  Understanding that anything can be traumatizing so long as we give it that significance.  It is in small actions that the greatest changes may happen.


How We Contribute

  • Volunteering and organizing fundraisers

  • Working with the youth through leadership fitness programs

  • Collecting goods for the local food pantries

  • Working with soldiers and veterans to transition military skills to a civilian career

  • Promoting non-violence and positive thinking

  • Participating in and creating events to strengthen the "Can Do" mentality.

  • We are firm believers in small businesses and showcase this belief through our countless efforts.

  • Be Kind, Be Good, Be Just.