VS Ultra - East Coast


Philly to Hoboken 2018

Race Details: This run uses CKO Kickboxing gyms as waypoints, beginning with CKO Center City in Philadelphia and ultimately ending at CKO Hoboken in New Jersey. There are no support vehicles or personnel - I will only have a sack filled with essentials over the 3-day span.  The route includes 2 ferries on the third day which are not included in the 100-mile total. I will be instructing class at the first and last stop of each day.

You can choose to buy a shirt, donate, or join the run at one of the listed CKO locations for any distance that you choose. See below for more information!


The Mission


To Help A Soldier In Need

All proceeds go to Jason Markezich, a U.S. Army combat veteran, father, husband, entrepreneur & friend. While on a route in his MATCO Tools delivery truck, he was in a motor vehicle accident leaving his truck incapacitated. Jason experienced cracked ribs, a cut in his spleen and broken bones in his spine. As a result of the accident, he is unable to work and provide for his family. Jason has a long road to recovery, but together, we can help him.


The Route

Day 1 - May 29 (39 Miles)

CKO Center City Philadelphia 8am (10 miles)

CKO Cherry Hill 10am (29 miles)

CKO Hamilton 6pm (Class at 6:30pm)

Day 2 - May 30 (38 Miles)

CKO Hamilton 9am (22 miles)

CKO Marlboro 3pm (7.5 Miles)

CKO Matawan 5pm (7.5 Miles)

CKO Middletown 7pm (Class at 8pm)

Day 3 - May 31 (22 Miles)

CKO Middletown 8am (4.5 miles)

Belford Ferry to NYC/Vessey St 10:30am (3.5 miles)

CKO Park Slope BK 11:15am (1.5 miles)

CKO Clinton HIll BK 12pm (1.5 miles)

CKO Williamsburg 12:30pm (6 miles)

CKO Upper East Side 3pm (4 miles)

39th Ferry to Paulus Hook 5pm (1 mile)

CKO Jersey City 5:30pm (2.1 miles)

CKO Hoboken - End 6pm


How to Join


Register to Run

By purchasing a T-Shirt you will automatically be registered.  You will be contacted within 24-hours whether you are running a specific leg with me or virtually and/or if you are participating in one of the classes. The listed CKO locations are the starting points for each leg of the run, and you can run any distance you wish. Upon reaching the end of a leg, it is recommended that you have someone available to pick you up.

Virtual Run

Charity Miles App

Charity Miles gives you the ability to turn your running/walking into donations through sponsors. You can choose to run on your own at any time between May 29 and May 31 by:

  1. Downloading the Charity Miles App

  2. Choosing the Charity Team “RWB”

  3. Joining team “VS”

  4. Turning on the app when you’re ready to run


The Results


During our run to Raise PTSD Awareness and Generate funds for our Veteran in need, we were able to generate $1000 in the month of May! Jason is an Army Combat Veteran who had gotten into a terrible accident leaving him hospitalized. After breaking multiple bones including those in his spine, we were all relieved to find out that no structural bones were broken.

Our soldier sent us this video testimonial to thank you all for your support. Together, we helped a Veteran and his family.